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i have bought the set and know of all the changes from s2-s4 in the dvd versions.

changes in the s2 dvd versions:

like the reviewer on amazon said the teaser/recaps of the 2 part season 2 opener r missing from the dvd versions

ep 6 of s2 on the dvd obviously has some edits

ep 15 has some edits and is missing the teaser of part 2 of the 3 parter.

ep 17 obviously edited running a little over 19 and a half mins and is missing the recap of the 2nd part of this 3 parter.

ep 19 is missing about 32 secs of footage in the dvd version

changes in the s3 dvd versions:

the 2 parter ava takes a shower (both parts r missing the teaser 4 part 2 at the end of part 1 and part 2 is missing the recap of part 1 at the beginning)

another 2 parter that's actually a double ep as 1 hr ep (ep 17) is the syndicated split into 2 parts version.

changes in the s4 dvd version:

seems ep 15 & 16 r syndicated
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