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For Good Acting: I remember the dude that played Wadada being legitimately terrifying. I'd have to watch the segment again, but I remember the turn from friendly to monstrous was scary and he was intimidating.

The best acted ones that I recalls are the Edward Bell segment and Marie Hilley segment. Funny that the Bell segment is known for having Matthew McConoughey, but he wasn't even the star actor of the bit. The guy that played Bell was legit scary and the actress playing the mom was so good, I actually thought she was watching her son getting murdered right in front of her.

As for Marie Hilley. That story is so off the wall crazy, it almost had to have a solid actress to carry the whole thing, and it came off surprisingly well.

Worst acted ones? The one that always sticks out to me is the Tom Johnson case. Horrible scenario obviously, but there is one part that always cracked me up when Tom Johnson pulls a gun on the couple while they are in the hotel room, the actor playing Jeremy said something like "Why'd you lie?" in the wimpiest voice imaginable and I couldn't help but laugh.
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