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Originally Posted by coatjones
Watched the updated segment of "Friends till the End" from Episode 10. I don't think i've EVER seen Stack and the investigator scene where they're both sitting on the desk with the dispatch radio on in the background talking about the updated case. Didn't even realize that one of the boys had a knife wound in his back. So happy we get a few surprises this time around.
I thought the same thing, about the knife wound. I may have missed it before, but I don't ever remember hearing that part before. Certainly puts this case from most likely a homicide to definitely a homicide.

Another minor thing I noticed on the Annie Laurie Hearon case: They cut the part of "her" reading the ransom letter the kidnappers mailed. I remember vividly as a kid hearing the female voice say "They've locked me up in the basement of this house with just a few jugs of water..." Yet when I watched the segment on Amazon, that was cut. It is definitely the original segment but that part is out. Not a huge deal at all, just curious why it would have been edited out.

I still love seeing these cases again in all their original glory...
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