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Default Which "Lucy" TV show and episode was this?

I know it was before the "Here's Lucy" episodes of the 70s.
It could not have been "I Love Lucy" so it was one of her shows that were in between those, maybe "The Lucy Show" (I assume she had more than three different shows).

The plot was of her having to baby-sit a teenage guy. He had a reputation for being bratty . I was so young when I saw this that I don't recall the specifics, but about two or three scenes stick out in my mind. When Lucy arrived at the home of the teen, the housekeeper said to her "I will let him out of his cage." At some point Lucy dressed up like a large toy soldier and the teen guy suspecting that it was his "baby sitter" said that he thinks he will get a knife and dissect the toy soldier. Then nearly toward the end of the episode Lucy just gets frustrated with the teen guy and bends him over her knee and spanks him and says "I want to have some fun."

I think this might have been "The Lucy Show."
I asked about this in another thread.

I also recall when Lucy had a TV show in which she played the mother of two pre-teen boys (maybe one) and there was one episode in which she was being the umpire for her son's baseball team and she wanted her son to win so when her son hit the ball she literally held one boy from the other team by the legs (I think the catcher) while her son ran to the bases.
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