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Originally Posted by wiseguy182
^thanks for that, the pics of that woman do look like the age progression photo. It has to be her. I'm guessing because she's in a different state than the one she disappeared from and she left off the last two letters to her last name, that's why they had trouble making the connection.

It looks like she's been eating well. I was concerned there as she was only 100 pounds when she vanished.

I feel this case is definitely solvable. Sad to hear she's been looking for her family all these years and couldn't find them. Hopefully they can positively ID her and she can be reunited with her family. She may also need mental help.

Renee was suffering from anorexia as well as anxiety at the time of her disappearance. An investigator told Action News they found the woman wandering around Asheville, North Carolina. She didn't have ID so they couldn't check her into a shelter, but officers took her to an all-night restaurant so she would be safe. I guess that's how Renee has been living the last 21 years, in all-night restaurants, soup kitchens, ect. Her sister also said truck drivers have been taking care of her. Giving her money and food. It's extremely sad, it makes me wonder how many more of the missing are in situations like her and can't remember who they are or if they are missing.
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