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Default Sitcom Face Off-Webster vs Punky Brewster

What is it about little kids on sitcoms that we love so much? Is it because they’re so cute? Is it because they can’t really act so it’s adorable to watch them try? Whatever it is, little kids and sitcoms go back a long way. From Rudy to the Cosby Show all the way back to Opie in The Andy Griffith Show. These cute little kids keep us watching, until they get too old and are no longer cute any more. Sometimes we are left with an actor still worth watching, and other times not so much. Take Who’s The Boss? where Alyssa Milano got better as she aged, while Danny Pintauro got duller and duller.

Now I am getting way off subject. Today I want to pair off two of the cutest kids from the 80’s, who both had hit shows on different networks.

Webster was smart and bright, and had the cutest smile. Punky was an inspiration with her positive attitude and take charge personality. But which show was actually better ? Before we begin, I have already discussed the trials of Webster’s behind the scene struggles. Today I am focusing on the product which hit the air not the background strife.

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