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Originally Posted by MikeL
yes got it all even tv land commercials but better then nothing I just got disk which friend downloaded for me best Christmas present ever not from abc recordings just from tv land recordings
Hey Happy Days Fans I have some breaking news for you, which once we all band together we can make a difference. Well to make the long story short, I recently got off the phone with Creek Entertainment whose a out side source studio vender, whose taken previous studio releases and in there own marketing manner and presenting them within there own original content, because they have did Married With Children that way, what I am trying to say here is that there is something about this particular company who from there own nature has the capability of negotiating with studios who shows that lack of interests of some of the product that they are putting out, as a matter of fact they are releasing the Facts Of Life season one, fans here is what we can do to contribute one of the representatives that I have spoken with to this morning had told me that whatever shows that we would like to see them pick in the near future,that all we have to do if either one of us could find the time, is write and voice our opinion, and I had explained to the individual of whom I was speaking with, of how certain studios wants to put a lack of projects out there without listening to the fans request, and I mentioned CBS/Paramount who is overdue in releasing more of the Happy Days series which is long awaited, the only thing that came out of the conversion that we had was if everybody would write to this company this could open up talks and dialogs in negotiation, an I was telling this person that whatever the winning formula of persuading these studios is a plus, because with us writing to them about the releases of Happy Days or whatever is affiliated with CBS/Paramount there is no telling what could happen, and picture if they did with our help struck a deal with Paramount to get more of the season releases that could say allot of things, and what I am more confident about with Mill Creek that once Laverne & Shirley series is finally completed and they want to releases them some time in the future with everything in tact, they could have everything from the original ABC broadcasting airings, hey like a team we can do this thing together, as a mater of fact I might just write them a letter the more we send the more we win, whose with me here is there contact info and there is absolutely no rush whatsoever, but is something to reconsider and look at this could be a game changer.

Contact Us
Mill Creek Entertainment
2445 Nevada Ave N
Golden Valley, MN 55427
Toll-Free: (866) 410 9000
Fax: (763) 595 9884
Domestic Licensing
Foreign Licensing
Sales Support
Customer Service
Publicity (for media inquiries only)
General Inquires

Hey Mr. Todd Fuller when Good Times is released from Creek Entertainment along with Married With Children and other television products, I hope that you will do a review as well as a comparison

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