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Originally Posted by Dianne3
Happy Days was on ABC.
ABC was always a distant third in the ratings until the mid-to late seventies.
So from that standpoint, it is understandable why HD did whatever it took to increase their viewership.

What made Happy Days popular, IMO, was the relationship between Richie & Fonz. The Fonz was like a big brother to Richie. Of course, that was Richie's actual big brother Chuck disappeared.
That relationship worked when Richie was coming of age. However, once Richie was older he didn't need to always be running to the Fonz.
I cringe at a later episode where Richie is drugged at some party, and later the Fonz had to come to his rescue.
Yeah, I've never liked it when Richie is scared, then when Fonzie shows up Richie suddenly acts like a tough guy, Fonz also had to come to Richie's rescue when Richie got the job at the newspaper.
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