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Originally Posted by treky
I put when they switched to a live audience, but it also "boned" when it became "the Fonzie show" and when it stopped being set in the 50s and changed the setting to the 70s with a small sprinkling of the 50s.
Wow, I agree with everything you said here. I think it was a wonderful show the first two seasons. Loved it! It felt like an authentic portrayal of family life in the '50s, and really took the viewer back to that time. It made the era almost feel tangible. It had warmth, it had heart and it was well written. But then the brought in the hooting and hollering teenybopper studio audience and turned the show into a grotesque caricature of itself, all in an attempt to draw in hoards of kids and young viewers. Fonzie was made into an over-the-top superhero/magician, no longer a "real" character. And the whole flavor of the '50s was all but completely lost. They no longer seemed to care. They just wanted noise and reactions. The women on the show were wearing 1970s/1980s hairstyles. Characters like Leather Tuscadero came on the show singing 1970s music. It was all kitsch and no substance. I believe the producers made a deal with the devil, forsaking quality and substance in exchange for high ratings from juiced up teenage viewers wanting to be part of a cool new thing.
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