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Originally Posted by dynoguy88
The Connecticut River Valley Killer (who stabbed women to death along the New Hampshire/Vermont border in the 1980's) always interested me so I bought the book about it by Phillip Ginsburgh. One of the victims was Eva Morse who was stabbed to death in July of 1985 while hitchhiking from Charlestown, NH to Claremont. Unsolved Mysteries only showed Eva's picture really quickly along with the rest of the victims and the only attack they gave details on was Jane Boroski's. But the book pointed out that on the day she was killed, Eva arrived at work and told her boss that she was going home sick. When she left, she hitched a ride to Claremont with the intention of visiting her former lesbian lover. She never arrived and her body was found in the area one year later.

The Selena Edon case was the first thing that popped in my head when I read this topic. Many posters here, myself included, speculated that she was a lesbian. Her friend Laurie Gallagher was interviewed in the segment and she was a lesbian. Selena lived in San Francisco. And her qualities and interests made it easy to speculate. She was described by her family as always marching to her own drummer. She worked as a construction worker and she loved motorcycles. I'm gay and I don't like speculation based on stereotypes but in this case, it was always just a feeling I had. Then a friend of Selena's who served with her in the Air Force posted here a couple years ago and told us that Selena confessed to her at the time that she was gay. Some folks thought that the reason she went missing was because she chose to run away so she wouldn't have to come out to her family. But I never believed that was the case. I think the injuries from her motorcycle accident simply resurfaced and she wandered off and doesn't know who she is.
I have watched the Selena Edon case a few times and I suspected that she was a lesbian based on how she was discussed and described in the segment and seeing her friend Laurie being interviewed pinged my gaydar. Do you a link to the thread in which Selena's friend posted on?

I agree with you, I think Selena's brain injured probably played a part in her disapperance. I think it would be good Discovery ID's Disappered to do a show on Selena's disapperance.

I remember there was a segment about a married couple who owned a video rental store or some kind of business and the wife disappeared and it was speculated because of a letter that a wife left her husband for another woman but I can't remember any names.
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