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Default Headline Chasers

In 1985 a game show named Headline Chasers made it's debut and tested two teams of couples knowledge of news stories and events happening in the world. Wink Martindale who also hosted Headline Chasers actually got the idea for Headline Chasers while reading the newspaper while enjoying a lovely breakfast with his wife Sandy and being obsessed with what was happening in the world Headline Chasers was born. Wink Martindale's own production company Wink Martindale Productions produced Headline Chasers as the first ever game show produced by Wink Martindale Productions. With people interested in the news of today it would sure be nice if a revival of Headline Chasers was made for CNN or MSNBC or Newsmax TV with Bill O'Reilly as host. Wouldn't that be cool?
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