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I really think this was an obsessed stalker who knew her routine and waited for her to leave her apartment. I think she had a habit of holding her belongings while rushing to her car to make it in time for her morning show, leaving her vulnerable to an attack. The morning of her abduction, she was already late and would have undoubtedly been in a huge hurry and focused on making it to work.

I really think if JV had done this, there would have been some shred of evidence, such as in the vehicle he would have had to have driven to make the abductions possible, for example. If he had borrowed or rented a vehicle, that information likely would have been discovered. He was cased pretty carefully by LE...I just don't see him getting away scot-free with no evidence left behind.

To me, this abduction seems planned well in advance. She was one of the town's most popular residents. I think this person was pretty brazen and plotted it all out before finally making his move, as he had to have known what a huge stir this would cause in the community. Unfortunately, that person has done a really good job of covering his tracks so far.
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