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I found this on another message board (can't remember the name) when I "Googled" Jeremy Bright. It was from someone whose username was "Jethro":

(Jethro) "I was told by a certain coquille resident, in tears, about a confession she had heard from one of the persons of interest who said that they took Jeremy from the fairgrounds, and that his body is supposedly in a capped of well in the middle creek area somewhere."

And from everything I've read, seen, or heard about this case, this is my basic idea of what I think happened:

Jeremy gets off the phone with his mother. Very shortly after that, David Steinhoff, Terry Steinhoff (now deceased), Hoyt Richardson, or some group of guys that included at least one of these three, sees Jeremy and asks him if he wants to go hang out somewhere real quick. He probably mentions that he needs to go meet up with his sister, but maybe it was something like them saying, "Hey, we got this gun, you want to try it out? It'll be real quick and we'll be back soon." or "Your sister will be fine at the carnival. Don't worry, we'll be back soon."

Then Jeremy goes off with these guys that I believe are some combination or include David Steinhoff, Terry Steinhoff, or Hoyt Richardson. One of them probably drives or walks off to somewhere no more than a few miles from payphone where Jeremy was last seen at. Johnny Fish either went with Jeremy and the guys or was at the place that they went.

At the new place that they are at, one or more of the guys either tells Jeremy to go out and do something, then does the target practice thing that has always been a theory and accidentally shoots Jeremy once or multiple times or the Steinhoff brothers or Hoyt Richardson intentionally shot Jeremy and Johnny witnessed either the accidental shooting or the intentional shooting.

They decide on some way to conceal Jeremy's body or worse (I'm sorry to bring this up but it might have happened and could be a way to figure out how Jeremy might be found), they dismemeber it and then conceal it, either in the ground somewhere, a body of water somewhere, or as "Jethro" said, a capped-off well somewhere.

I think Jeremy's remains are still somewhere in southern Oregon and could be found if someone just found the right spot.

This is my basic theory of what happened to Jeremy.

I'm very sorry if I end up upsetting Jeremy's mother, sister, or Johnny's sister or husband, who I see have posted messages on this thread. My condolences to you.

If I had to guess the truth about what happened to Jeremy and where he is, that would be my basic idea.
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