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Thank you for your interesting information. For the most part it is very accurate, but the family was never suspected of being responsible for Lauras disappearance. They took polygraphs very early into the investigation to satisfy the sheriffs that they had nothing to do with it.
To this day, I have never seen the name of the alledged marine and his wife, who found my daughters partial scullcap. I have walked to the area where it was reported to have been found, a good mile and a half from the campsite over very rough terrain that no child could have travelled alone. In my opinion and many others, the scullcap was planted there by someone, hoping to close the case and reduce the scrutiny of what was going on in the high desert at the time lof Lauras disappearance.
If you know the name of the people who alledgely discovered Lauras remains, please pass that information on to Lauras dad at; I would greatly appreciate it, since the sheriffs would never divulge who it was, and never have to my knowledge.
Thanks, Mike Bradbury-Lauras dad
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