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Default remembering Laura

Seeing the news about the lil' girl in Northern CA, sparked the memory of Laura for me. I was 7 yrs old and had been living in 29 Palms for months when she went missing. like a previous poster, her story is the story that made me aware of child abductions. Her name is so imprinted in my mind that I recalled it and googled it so easily upon remembrance. It scared me too... being so young and to know that this was possible in the world at that time, and even more so now. I do not have children but I play a big role in the raising of my nieces, I get nervous when in very rare instances I let them out of my sight. I cannot even sit well with them playing in the front yard. I remembe being able to go 2-3 streets over to play growing, these poor girls barely play outside, for the sake of being safe.
If laura's dad should check on these postings, i want you to know, you, Laura and your family are forever in my thoughts.
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