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Originally Posted by rella
What did you expect her to do? Sob for you? Don't you think she and her surviving family have been through enough? Do you have ANY FRICKIN IDEA what its like? To never be able to sleep at night from nightmares? Ever?
To loose your parents????????? To someone you thought you knew? I'll tell ya what, you sound like the type that would like to befriend the killer, maybe you would like to marry him? Poor, misunderstood young man........he's at Menard Correctional Center Illinois, knock yourself out!!!
You are reatarded. I was only implying that I thought she should be sadder. And another thing, you don't know anything about me, so how can you say I seem like the type to befriend the killer or marry him. Hun, you need to come up with something better than that. Get over yourself and stop being an Idiot. I wasn't trying to be mean to that girl I just found it a little odd she wasn't saddder. I vave seen other segments of Unsolved Mysteries of people losing loved ones, and if they didn't cry, they were pretty shook up.
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