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Well Rick Church is now 38 years old, he is currently serving his time at the Menard Correctional Center in Chester, Illinois as the poster above indicated. In 1992 he took a plea bargain that spared him the death penalty, he was sentenced to two concurrent life sentences for the murders, plus he was also sentenced to 30 years to run concurrently for attempted murder and another 30 years to run concurrently for home invasion. Here is the link: go to it and then type in the last name of whoever you want to find and their picture and info will pop up.

Of course in hindsight, I bet Church wishes he would have went to trial, since George Ryan ended up commuting all the death sentences to life in 2003 anyway. I am not sure if Church will ever be eligible for parole, I want to say that in Illinois, if you got a life sentence for a crime committed after 1978 you get an automatic LWOP sentence if you are sentenced to life, but I could be wrong, it might be up to the judge to decide parole eligibility, I dont know.
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