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And, no doubt that DVD knew that this show would never compare to his original show...

But I do remember watching this show when it was on...seems to me it ran on either Sat or Sun night, can't remember which...

I don't remember much about the individual episodes, but one episode that stands out in my mind was when DVD got a moped and got lost riding around in the desert...he did an absolutely hysterical scene in which the only thing he had to live on out there in the desert was a can of peas... I remember watching that episode, and waiting for the rerun to come on just so we could see that scene again (no VCRs in those days)...

I'd love to see that show again sometime to see if it was as good as I remember it.. I was probably about 11 when that show premiered... I also remember thinking that the girl who played his daughter on the show (I think her name was Angela Powell, and she was about my age) was very cute.

Again, although I don't really remember any individual episodes (other than the one mentioned above), I do have nice memories of watching the show...
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