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Originally Posted by MichaelKeith
AntennaTV just showed the final episode of the series this past Friday. It's the dumbest final episode I've ever seen. It did not have anything to do with the show or its regular cast. Only Eddie Albert appeared briefly as he spoke on the phone to Elaine Joyce, who played his ex-secretary. This episode focused on Elaine Joyce as if they were trying to do a spin-off series for her?

Richard Deacon was her new boss and Emmaline Henry (aka Amanda Bellows on I Dream of Jeannie) also were in this show.

Why wouldn't the producers have filmed a final episode where either Oliver and Lisa threw in the towel and decided to move back to New York or one where Lisa finally admits to Oliver that she likes living in Hootersville (her pronunciation!). Either one of these would have been a more appropriate final episode.

Surely the producers must have known that by 1971 with the "rural purge" of tv shows on CBS that this might be their last season?

Hi Michael I just saw that episode too. Also one right before it Lisa and Oliver take a trip to Hawaii (same thing, nothing to do with Green Acres at all, totally focused on the characters in Hawaii, nobody from Hooterville)! I didn't find either episode to be that funny either! I researched it and found out they were actually two new pilots for new shows, that never got picked up after all!

Like you, I was hoping they would do a final episode revolving around Lisa, Oliver and the Hooterville folks!
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