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Default Hope Everyone Was Okay In The Hurricane

Alive and doing better than most here in Va. Sat I watched the Monkees and other old 60's and 70's shows on the new channel that plays old shows Antenna tv. Before and after the Sat afternoon shows, I had on continuous hurricane coverage. It was interesting. Having the tv on kept me from being as creeped out by the winds. Rained and winds going on bigtime. Electricity flicked on and off a coupla time. Finally around 6 pm or so we lost power. Yuck! We had eaten a good dinner my mom made around 2 or 3 pm so we were fed. Had to spend the nite in the dark. Until the electricity came back on I slept in the den in the lazyboy chair. Didnít want to sleep in my room with the power out cuz it only has one window but the den has 3 so more light comes in there.

Sunday didnít go to church cuz we figured they probably didnít have it as so many churches were closed. Several neighbors had generators going. One of they was going around giving coffee to the neighbors which was sweet of them. I had to help my folks manually get their garage door. Then another elderly neighbor and I went and helped the elderly woman next door get her garage door up manually. The 3 of us got it up. I went with my folks when they went to find breakfast. Chester which is in a nearby county had power so we went there and ate a Cracker Barrel. An hrs wait. Crowded. Gas stations were either closed or out of gas or out of gas and no power. My mom almost caved in and got a motel but ended up backing out. We were pleased to see that there was no really bad damage no trees on homes. But trees in yards and folks working hard to clean it up quick while they could. Some lights were out while others were on. According to the news some trees were on home in Richmond. Went back home to no power. Yuck! My portable tv which runs on electricity or itís rechargeable battery had enough juice left in the battery to watch most of the re-runs of Here Come The Brides and The Monkees on Antenna TV. The tv died during the last few minutes of the Monkees and no way to recharge it till the power came on. Yuck again. My mom called the power company to see when the power would be back on. An automated message said in a few days. The city called her on the phone via automated message and said the power might not be on for 2 or 3 weeks, Yikes! Boring with no electricity on. I was able to crochet and knit during daylight. I remembered I had an am/fm radio with flashlight that runs on either batteries or handcrank that I had bought Mike & I some yrs ago. So I got it out and it entertained me. I picked up an old sermon of Jerry Falwell on the radio which was good. I recognized it as being one I saw him preach live many yrs ago while in college. I think it applies more now than it ever did back then. Flipped dials on the radio and came across an interesting conservative radio host on WRVA. Pretty interesting stuff. I wanted to find out how the northeast fared in the storm but could not find out until Mon. I kept having to crank the radio every so often to keep it going.

Mon 11 am power comes back on. Yay! We go out to eat at Sagebrush. Our neighbors who have been good friends with my folks for yrs come in. The man is almost 99 yrs old. Amazing he can still get around for that age! Good to have tv when we get back home. Tues we had to go with my folks to take my dad to a wound center as his legs are getting sore again. They fix up and wrap his legs again with bandage, An elderly woman talks to me who is waiting there. Poor thing she has no electricity from the storm and her hubby died 2 yrs ago like my Mike did. Poor thing she has to live alone in the storm. Glad I have my folks to live with.

Last week we survived an earthquake and hurricane, Letís hope this week is less eventful.
RIP darling Mike. I love you forever... You are with Freddie Prinze & Jesus now. 1951-2009

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