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there have also been a few black characters on the show where they didn't make a big deal about it - but they weren't really big characters:

- one of the contestants in the Howdy Doody episode was a black kid (Howdy Doody says "wow, he's a dead ringer")

- in Spunky Come Home , it is a black kid named Wilbur that finds and tries to keep Fonzie's dog

- in Fonzie for the Defence, Fonzie is on the jury for a trial where a black guy is accused of stealing a woman's purse, there is an element of racism in this episode, some of the jury members assume that the defendant is guilty just be cause he is black, but Fonzie proves them wrong.

- in #184 - Tall Story Fonzie tries to talk a man into letting his son with epilepsy play on the basketball team, they were far too busy with the epilepsy message to worry that John was black
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