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Default racism in Happy Day

I wanted to discuss with you a little about how it is addressing the issue of racism in Happy Day, to you as you think?

I could not help but notice some things about the racism at the early'50-'60

There are some episodes where we talk about racism but I have noticed one thing in the series.

in the early seasons are all white and if there is a person of color then the episode is about racism.

but if you're careful, very careful, from the 6th season on notice that in the scene where many people appear (eg Arnold's) happen to see people of color.

an example, in the first season in the class of Richie and co. are all white.

un'episodio but in the 6th season in Richie's class at least one student of color.

even in recent seasons, we see that racism is now much diminished, to be noted that, for example, Chachi is not racist (one of his best friends, Tommy, which appears in some scenes on the season 8-11. is color)

probably because the first 5 seasons are set between the'55-'59 while the last of the'59-'65, in the'60s now racism had decreased compared to the'50s.

if you are careful, the wedding of Joanie and Chachi are all white except for one, Tommy

I have noticed this, for you is a right?
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