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Thumbs down What is your point in responding then? Trying to rub my nose in it?

Originally Posted by Collinwood2003
Tbs hasn't shown that epsiode in years. I have it but don't really see anything on your list.
What about 2 discs of FOL epiosdes for it? You said you wanted the whole set of 35 discs! Is it because you do not have 35 discs of stuff that I was interested in trading you FOL that you will not trade me this episode?

What is your point in posting that you have it if you are not interested in trading it to me? To try to rub my face in it? It is very rude to respond "Oh! I have it but you don have anything I am interested in". There is a huge difference in 1 epsiode and 35 discs of something.

I know someone else that has it but they can not trade it to me for another few weeks. I do not know for sure I am missing it yet. Redoing my set to have all the episodes in order and creatling menus for it. It was not on the disc I thought it was on and have not went through all the discs yet to know for sure but thought I would post to see if anyone had it just in case.


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