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Cleveland/Akron Weekday Lineup Dec. 18 (Friday), 21-24, 1953
From Lake Erie TV Guide Edition


7AM Today
9AM Captain Glenn-Glenn Rowell
9:25 Ohio Today-Tom Haley
9:30 Idea Shop-Mildred/Gloria
9:55 Ohio Today
10AM Ding Dong School
10:30 Glamor Girl
11AM Hawkins Falls
11:15 Three Steps To Heaven-Soap
11;30 The Bennetts
11:45 Follow Your Heart
Noon Bride And Groom
12:15 Haley's Daily
12:30 Maggi Byrne-Fashion
1PM Movie Westward Ho!
2:15 Joe Partaro-Beauty
2:30 Nancy Dixon-Shopping
2:45 Chef Lorenzo-Cook
3PM Kate Smith
4PM Welcome Travelers
4:30 On Your Account
5PM Atom Squad
5:15 Gabby Hayes
5:30 Howdy Doody
6PM Monday Superman
Tuesday Sky King
Wednesday Wild Bill Hickock
Thursday Kit Carson
Friday Suppertime Comics

6:30 Tom Manning-Sports
6:40 Weather Factory
6:45 Tom Field News


8AM News
8:05 Wings Of Song-Crandall Hendershott/Randy Culver at the Organ
8:30 Beauty For You-Paige Palmer (News Bulletin 8:45)
9AM Mixing Bowl
9:30 Western Reserve Univ.
10AM Jack Paar
10:30 Wheel Of Fortune (No relation to the current series)
11:30 Strike It Rich
Noon Valiant Lady
12:15 Love Of Life
12:30 Search For Tomorrow
12:45 Guiding Light
1PM Women's Window-Ethel Jackson
1:30 Garry Moore Show
2PM Double Or Nothing
2:30 House Party-Linkletter
3PM Big Payoff
3:30 Bob Crosby
4PM Dinner Platter-Bob Dale Local Variety
5PM News
5:05 Uncle Jake's House-Gene Carroll
5:30 Movie
6:30 Dorothy Fuldheim
6:45 Lee Sullivan Variety Mon-Wed. Fri.
Columbus Boy Choir Tues.
A Jew Looks At Christmas Thurs.
6:55 Johnny Price-Weather


9AM Movie
10:15 News Summary
10:30 Charming Children
11AM Alice Weston
11:30 Movie
Noon Rena And Bob
1PM Movie
2:45 All For You Alice Weston (Spotlight On Beauty Thursday)
3PM Maggie Wulff
3:30 Paul Dixon-DuMont
4PM Turn To A Friend-ABC Dennis James
4:30 King Jack's Toy Box-Kids
5PM Santa Claus
5:15 Comedy Carnival
5:30 Desert Deputy-Western serials
6:10 News
6:20 Sports Report
Mon. Wed. Fri. Al Rosen (Cleveland Indians Manager at the time)
Tue. Thur. Bob Neal.(Cleveland Indians Radio or TV Announcer most of the years between 1952-72) Source:2005 Indians Media Guide
6:30 TV Weather Man
6:40 Les Paul/Mary Ford Show
6:45 MWF-Home With The Grahams
TuTh Detecto-Quiz First week of a new local quiz show with Rena And Bob


4PM Turn To A Friend
4:30 Ern Westmore-ABC
5PM Hinky Dinks-Kids
5;30 Corral Time-Western Film
6:15 (Rex) Humbard Family
6:30 Monday Tootsie Hippodrome
Tuesday, Wednesday Super Serials
Thursday Sky King
Friday Smiling Ed's Gang
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