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They sure did a hatchet job on the Amber Swartz segment. They cut out Tim Binder's light-switch moment about "now we're looking for a dead body", that he would call Amber's mother and gave her a copy of Crime and Punishment, and the part about the witness that saw him without a beard grabbing a kid on the side of the road.

Given how repetitive the Stack updates are now (in the original segment and then many episodes later) if they cut it to fit the Ortiz update in then that's just dumb.

If they tried to trim it to go easy on Binder, given they probably now know her killer, then why is it here at all when Aimee Willard isn't? And why not omit the attempt to tie it to Michaela Garecht, considering the kidnapper clearly bore no resemblance to Tim Binder? (muscular, long blonde hair)
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