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Suicide that was mean't to look like a homicide.

When talking suicide, most people typically go "why would he kill himself? he had nothing wrong with his life" but you don't know that, or him. We're given a 3 minute segment, so we don't know what was going on in his head, home, or job. All we know is what they tell us, not everything.

Now for the motive, maybe there just wasn't one. He could've been stuck in a unhappy marriage, he was approaching retirement, and wasn't looking forward to just sitting around, or he suffered from depression (not everyone displays signs). If there wasn't a motive, then it's possible he still set it up as a homicide so his family would get his benefits.

Not to tarnish his name, but Mike could've had unknown bad dealings. It's possible that someone who also worked for the county threatened to expose him, so he committed suicide as to not get exposed, and set the scene up so his family could receive compensation.

Another theory is that he had uncovered something he shouldn't have and opened his mouth about it, and was afraid for his life. If he was in talks of exposing someone he worked with, or for, then it's possible that they made his life hell, or threatened his family, so he killed himself so his family wouldn't get messed with.
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