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Originally Posted by UCLABruin
That's not my theory, but initially the scent path was a focus. The area where his scent was supposedly last picked up is a very winding road that is a major congested street during the day. A drunk driver on that empty boulevard is likely, and a drunk driver getting into an accident on that road is likely. (This is near where Lindsay Lohan got in her accident). If the scent was reliable, he could have been picked up by someone, or left on his own via bus (scent was detected at the bus stop). Who knows why he would wander the campus (that whole area was the residential part of the campus). His scent trail was a very bizarre one away from sidewalks. [Another student disappeared from UCLA for a few months due to a psychiatric syndrome. He disappeared by bus. Likely just coincidence though?]

But the dogs have pretty much been ruled out as reliable.
It could also be that Michael had been in that area earlier in the day and that was the scent that they picked up. Also, Michael did not have a car and it would not be unrealistic for him to have taken the bus from time to time.

It is hosted by a family friend. It went down for a long time and I wrote to the webmaster and he didn't realize it was down and he reactivated it. I think she is in a catch 22 with releasing information. From the way she reached out to the Facebook group, it seemed like she was at peace, but still wanted to know something, anything, just without a formal investigation anymore.
The site is still down. I think she knows that Michael is dead. I can't think of a better way of bringing attention to the case by releasing new information or at least what she thinks happened.
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