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Sad and intriguing case. I just saw it for the first time earlier today.
Sorry, but I find the theory that he's a fugitive a bit preposterous. Like many here, I believe the 2 men who saw AJ in the red car are reliable. Fish lady? Not so much. I don't know what to make of the park maintenance guy who claims to have seen AJ. I can't remember -- does he claim to have seen him the day after AJ went missing? The cars were different. The note sent to police was obviously a sick prank. I believe AJ was kidnapped, but have no idea why. I think the theory that AJ had some debt or shady dealings is plausible, though. The missing jug of milk is very fascinating. Maybe his abductors just took it and drank it themselves? I'm not trying to be funny/sarcastic... just racking my brain for a possible explanation.
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