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Originally Posted by TracyLynnS
"Dave" was Paul Branch, the guy I've been calling "Paul the biker" in my posts.

I doubt he was any kind of law enforcement. He told Mrs. Billig that her daughter was in OK. She flew there ahead of him and got a hotel room. He was about a week late to their meeting, and for some reason, having obtained a van instead of his motorcycle. He had some kind of problems with his motel room, and had Sue pay for him to stay one night in the Honeymoon suite of her hotel, which was the only room available in the area at the time, due to a big convention.

At the end of his life, he was covered with skin cancer, nearly toothless, one of his eyes had the tendons removed, was so damaged that he couldn't open it without using his fingers and he eventually went blind in that eye.

When he died, he was near destitute, living in his girlfriend's trailer in the backwoods of VA. He met his girlfriend, through another inmate, while he was in prison. He lived with her for 10 years before his death. She was the woman who told the "gang rape and alligator" story for the british production company who she says paid her $200 for her tale.

Edited to make a correction re: the van and motorcycle.
Okay wait a minute here I must have missed something. Your saying it was Dave the biker that had her meet him in Oklahoma that made the death bed confession???
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