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I haven no idea of the name of the episode, or even what season it is from but by golly it's my favorite and I can't wait until I catch it again in reruns. Dharma is in a cast but is given the go ahead to have sex again, there are phone conversations about it, etc. That was the first episode of Dharma and Greg I ever saw and I LOVED it. It's kind of inconvenient for me to catch it right now in syundication but once school is out I'll be able to start taping on a regular basis. I can only tape it now if there is no school!

How it all came down to this, only the Devil knows. Retail Rodeo is at the corner on my left. The motel is down the road to my right. I close my eyes and try to peer into the future. On my left, I saw days upon days of lipstick and ticking clocks, dirty looks and quiet whisperings. And burning secrets that just won't ever die away. And on my right, what could I picture? The blue sky, the desert earth, stretching out into the eerie infinity. A beautiful never-ending nothing.

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