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Originally Posted by '80sSitcoms View Post
Well thanks, but this is tougher than I thought...turns out it must black and white copies that are, like, 5 cents a page. I was thiiiiiiiis close to clicking "Print" at a copy store on "The Girls' School" when I asked just to be sure how much black and white printed pages are (assuming it was 5 cents), and an employee there said "49 cents a page".

I immediately closed the document! lol

That was gonna be like 24 bucks for the script, which would be roundabout $125 or so I guess for 5 (and a bit more for "Homework"). Maybe a library might be cheaper. In fact, I seem to recall them being 10 cents a page when I last printed out something at one, though, granted, that was at least a few years ago.

The search continues!

(this could be a script in intself! )

Yes, I do recommend a library. Most libraries aren't going to gouge you.
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