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Originally Posted by JeffRuss1972
"AMANDA'S" (w/Bea Arthur)- I vaguely remember seing this on TV in the early 80s and kind of liked it. Arthur did this a few years AFTER Maude and before GG (Prob. '81 or '82)

"CHECKING IN" (spinoff from Jeffersons)

"FLO" (spinoff from Alice)- I have 5 eps from this show, and its pretty bad, but I still want to see them all one day-lol

FUTURE COP (1977 w/John Amos)- Only read about this show, but I think this is the first thing John Amos went to after being fired from Good Times and BEFORE Roots.

I know 3 Traders that have Amanda's but they don't want to release it that easily because it's so rare. But that's understandable because that's how I am with certain shows like Out of the Blue and Lewis And Clark.
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