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Originally posted by Crystal Barnette
I'm getting sick of hearing about this. Why don't you shut up already. Tina is a good trader. I have traded with her tons of times. Please don't start any more threads on this. This subject is getting very old.


Then don't read the posts Crystal, you obviously know what they are going to be about when you click the thread entitled what it is. I bet there are people seeing your "I need Meow Mix Commercials" threads every single day, new ones, not bumped ones, but no one is telling you to shut up (at least not so rudely).

YOU may have gotten your tapes from Tina but that is you. Someone else sent her $150 and DID NOT get their tapes. How would you feel if you spent your money on those tapes and did not get them? I bet you'd feel ripped off too.

These people have a legitimate right to post what they are posting. If you dont like the subject dont' click on the damn thread. It's not that difficult.

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