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Originally posted by wayne
I left my car & forgot to turn off the engine!
Last August I went to Gortons to get gas... well, I left the keys in the truck. I asked to use their phone to call my parents, but they were OUTSIDE... so they didnt hear the phone! So instead, one of the guys brought me home. Then Becky came over (she was picking me up to sleep over) so my Dad gave me the other set of keys and Becky brought me there. I get there and its the WRONG SET...- keep in mind the car is still @ the gas pump! LOl. So then we start to leave agaaaaain only to see a van behind us beeping and yelling. I thought it was some lady yelling @ me so I told Becky to go! Then we get back home and my Dad knows I had the wrong set. Finally, we get it right. And that "van"? Yah, that was my mother in her SUV with the right set of keys..
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