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Originally Posted by RobinW
Correct. In fact, someone else on Reddit chimed in and made this post to explain how Kurt's BAC should have dropped if the time of death was correct...

"His autopsy showed a 0.11% blood alcohol level. Which means he was still drinking close to when he died, OR he had a ridiculously high level to start with and the 0.11% is what he was at by that point.

The body loses 0.015% blood alcohol level per hour. So, a minimal "drunk" amount of 0.08% to leave the body would take approximately 5.5 hours.
The party was on October 23. His body was found October 28, and he had been dead for around 24-36 hours. Which means he had about 120 hours worth of time for the alcohol to leave his system. Which means his blood alcohol level would have had to be close to 1.91% at the start of the day on the 23rd.

A fatal blood alcohol level is 0.4%. He would have been in a coma on the night of the 23rd, and most likely dead before the 25th. It doesnt make sense with his time of death to have just drank too much at Susan's party. Also, to reach a BAC of 1.91%, he would have had to have drank two straight bottles of that Everclear in a very short amount of time. Possible, but it would have killed him far sooner than he actually died.

Edit: This doesnt take into account how fast alcohol leaves the body in abnormal circumstances (ie. i am uncertain if being in a coma from alcohol poisoning causes it to leave the body at a different rate). But regardless, if alcohol poisoning at Susan's party on the 23rd was his cause of death, he would have been dead far sooner than the 36 hours his body was stated in the autopsy."
Good stuff about the everclear, Robin. It was said that he was drinking earlier before going to the party, could the mixing of alcohol also could've killed him?

Mixing high percentage alcohol, with a small frame can be deadly.
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