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Default How big is Lanford supposed to be?

How big is Lanford Illinois supposed to be? I mean the characters talk about how much they hate living there and that there are no jobs and nothing to do. But, there is a mall there, a pretty big mall actually and a grocery store, the Buy 'N Bag.
I currently live in a town of 3,000 people. There is NOTHING to do here and I say that because there is one grocery store, one small department store, a Dollar General, Sonic, Pizza Hut, 5 gas stations, 1 small library, 2 motels, 1 hotel, 1 post office, NO movie theater, NO bowling alley, NO skating rink, 1 high school, 1 grade school and 1 middle school. There are a few more restaurants and a golf course as well as the VFW, 1 police station, and 1 fire station. We have to go 30 miles away to the nearest movie theater, skating rink, bowling alley or Wal-Mart. I get so bored, it's pathetic. I would have liked to have lived in Lanford because I used to live in a city that has 350,000 people. It has 7 Wal-Marts, 2 malls, too many restaurants to even mention, etc. I only moved to where I currently live, the smaller town to be close to my father who was sick and dying of cancer. I ended up getting a job here, so I am stuck here until I find something else somewhere else and find the transportation to get me there.
The characters make it sound like Lanford is little. Doesn't sound terribly little to me. Compared to Chicago, yes but it seemed like a good sized town.
Just my observation.
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