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Originally posted by tiff7
I saw it also. Why did Pat Morita leave HD?
He was offered his own show, Mr. T and Tina, which premiered in the fall of 1976. It lasted five episodes.

Here's some info from TV

First Telecast: September 25, 1976

Last Telecast: October 30, 1976

Episodes: 5 Color Episodes

ABC Broadcast History:

September 1976- October 1976---Saturdays---8:30 p.m.

Series Summary:

A comedy of clashing cultures, Mr.T. was a brilliant Japanese
inventor who had been transferred by his firm from Tokyo to Chicago. There, he had to cope with the Americanization of his household by a nutty, efferescent, Nebraska-born housekeeper named Tina.

Tina was well-intentioned but sometimes her ideas of a happy home were at fearful odds with the traditional, male-dominated society from which the Takahashis had so recently come. Michi was Mr. T's sister-in-law, Uncle Matsu the staunch traditionalist, and Sachi and Aki the two children. On the American side were Harvard, the hip handyman, and Miss Llywellyn, the landlady.

And for the record, this had nothing to do with the real Mr. T from Rocky III, The A-Team, etc.
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