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Originally Posted by KRW View Post
Well I'm back to trading again if anyone wants to. I'm no longer mailing out physical discs though. It's strictly digital trades only.

I've removed a number of things from my original list. I'm currently in the process of taking inventory of my collection. I've obtained lots of professional wrestling and more tv shows since my last update.

I'm currently looking for WWF Wrestling Challenge, Superstars, Jakked, Astros and Shotgun Saturday Night shows. Please PM me if you have any of that. I'd love to strike a trade for it if you do.

I have everything wrestling related and more probably.
But not sure what we could trade in return that would be fair because each set is like 40/50 episodes and gigabytes. I might be interested in your workprints but again not sure how to make a fair trade for them.
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