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Originally Posted by MichaelKeith View Post
She was never my favorite of Andy’s girlfriends. I liked Peggy McMillan the rich girl a lot better than Helen. Or even the county nurse.
I liked her too. Joanna Moore, appeared in 4 episodes of TAGS, all 4 using the name Peggy McMillan

But I believe there were two distinct characters named Peggy McMillan, both played by Moore.....

The Rich Girlfriend being one of them, and then a more down to earth Mayberry local in "Opie's Rival", "Andy and Opie Bachelors", And "Barney mends a broken heart" where Peggy McMillan is cast as the county nurse.

The last of which should not be confused with the Episode named "The County Nurse" where the nurse character name was "Mary Simpson" played by Julie Adams

Convoluted isn't it?
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