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Originally Posted by JO Sweet Heart
I haven't noticed any difference.

God bless you always!!!


P.S. I am guessing that the reason why he is so annoying with his politics is because everyone else is too. When one opinion is put out there, what do you think will be put out there next? .....Another opinion.
Right leaning comedy like that usually consists of jokes about how dumb the government is and how cool guns are. It’s just plain boring, stale, cliched and predictable.

Take a look instead at Parks & Recreations for a better idea of handling that sort of thing. The Ron Swanson character worked because he was the stereotypical libertarian, who also had hardcore Democrat Leslie Knope to play off of. And they still at the end of the day, respected the hell out of each other.

Tim Allen on the other hand, occasionally added some liberal dweeb as a straw-man, who always lost because Tim knew about the “good ole days”. In essence, Tim had to have give himself some sort of hero complex on LMS.

Maybe his wife played by Nancy Travis, should have been a MASSIVE character to play off and she never was. If anything, Tim needed a Democrat who would win every once in a while and not just be a joke.

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