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I decided to look back the cell phone ping details as I never really knew what to make of it. If you're interested search "Steven Koecher phone pings" - someone made a map with call details for his last few days.

Initially I looked more at where he was and trying to figure out why he seemingly went northeast from where he dropped the car off. But I never paid much attention to who was calling or texting...

Keep in mind Steven was last seen on the house security camera around 12pm on Sunday 12/13/2009. He left his car in that community, walked past the camera and obviously never went back for his car.

At around 4 pm that day there was a call or text to or from his landlord. From what I understand, him and Steven addressed the issue of his back rent and had an understanding about it. Perhaps the call was in regards to that issue but the next morning there is another ping to indicate a call/text to or from the landlord...

At 6:04 am.

Is it just me or is that a bizarre time to be communicating? Why would Steven call or text that early? Why would a landlord bother a tenant at that hour?

I'd be willing to accept that maybe there was one call from either one of them to once again go over the rent issue, but then the next day again at 6 am? That is strange to me. I'm starting to think whatever sketchy job offer was in Nevada...Steven went as a result of being told face to face by another person and obviously the landlord had a pretty vested interest in collecting his money.
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