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Default Why did they change Mike so much between Season 1 and 2?

You could tell he was probably conservative leaning, but he wasn't obnoxious about his politics. He was well educated and well traveled and cultured and was genuinely a great husband and father who would help with things around the house like doing the laundry without any fuss. All in all, Mike Baxter was a decidedly well rounded and complex person. I thought that Mike seemed more like a real character in Season 1. He wasn't a political cartoon.

But something clearly happened between Season 1 and 2, because a lot of these characteristics seemed to disappear. It's like they tried to turn him into Archie Bunker. He suddenly had the political knowledge one gets from scanning bad headlines, he doesn't seem as smart anymore. He's more obnoxious and makes blatantly racist (saying the Laraby's are going to bring over malt liquor) and sexist (saying that a man sitting in a chair while a woman works is the way things should be) comments.

Whereas Mike in Season 1 challenged the image of what some people see a Midwestern conservative man as (educated, cultured, genuinely loving to his family), Mike in Season 2 plays into all the bad stereotypes of what people think of as the conservative Midwestern man (racist, sexist, oblivious, obnoxious). He no longer seems to care or talk about his great adventures traveling the world and absorbing different cultures. He's just been reduced to the over the top political joke who puts 50 Romney signs in his yard and skits shouts "Nobama" and "Hellary" all day.
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