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Hi everyone,I've just joined this site. The Charlie Anderson murder has just aired on British television and I've been looking on sites like this for any extra information,which is scant.

Mindful of the libel laws let me add something to what Clockworkhigh has written.I don't understand why upon hearing the two shots or car backfires the woman would go into the house..I mean if it were me I'd take my kid and get the hell out of the situation.Statistically a burglar does not like to be confronted so that is also suspicious as there appeared to be no signs of a break-in,so the burglar was either waiting by the side of the house for the family to return which seems unlikely or had hidden inside the house whilst the family were away for the evening. I also don't hear mentioned that the murder weapon was found so I assume it wasn't left by the body. This to me suggests that someone may have paid for Anderson to be killed,and would also explain the telephone call to the Police the day afterwards if the killer had confessed to a relative what he had done in exchange for money perhaps. Remember Anderson was a wealthy man. Apologies if this is an old case for you;there's a huge amount of stuff on this site and I'm just navigating my way around.
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