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Originally Posted by LaBestia View Post
Following the success of Sesame Street Children's Television Workshop created The Electric Company in the 70's. Known as a show for older children The Electric Company taught kids more subjects such as math science phonics and more and even had it's own magazine too that was later renamed Kid City in the 80's. The Electric Company also had the biggest names in Hollywood and the sitcom world starring in The Electric Company such as Rita Moreno and Laurence Fishburne Irene Cara and Louis Gossett Jr. In the 2000's The Electric Company was revived on PBS in a short lived remake and it would be nice if reruns of The Electric Company would be seen on TV again because The Electric Company was a neat show that people of all ages could watch and learn about the world

They only taught reading and not all that other stuff you mentioned.

Plus Fishburne and Gossett were never in TEC.

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