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Originally Posted by MissTree View Post
1. I am not understanding the dispute about how Philip died. The media reported that it was from a gun show wound and that police had revealed that info.

2. I do not belive the killer had any intention of flying to Seattle and that is a red herring. (I am guess he likes around Prince George and dropped off the contents of the car at his place before torching it.) How would he have flown to Seattle after selling the car? There was no airport anywhere nearby so the guy could not have bought him a plane ticket but would have given him cash ans he would have to hitchike a distance to an airport. I don't think he was going there. I think he wanted people to think that Philip sold his car which "broke down" and flew to Seattle so that the missing persons search would take place in Seattle and have nothing to do with him. He would take the money for the plane ticket and keep going.

3. This wasn't on the Alaska Highway, as an earlier poster said, but the Stewart-Cassair Highway. I have driven both and, while both are isolated, the S-C is much more so.

4. The city is called Prince George not Fort George.

5. I had to laugh at the person early in the thread who talked about safety with travelling and how they would only have stopped at a place with multiple businesses. On this highway, those places don't exist. Businesses are literally hundreds of miles apart and you stop every time there this is anywhere to stop.

6. I keep getting a feeling that the killer was a guy who had worked mining at Jade City, which is further North up the highway, who eithrt got fired or quit and eas making his way home. I don't why. I'm sure that the RCMP would have checked there to see if anyone recognized the guy.

I agree with you. I worked for six weeks in Fort St.John area, (two hours north on the Alaska Highway). Not quite as remote, but years before I used to do Canoeing in Northern Manitoba, and you could go hours without seeing any kind of business.

The theory of him working in a remote area, and leaving makes perfect sense. I've worked in Northern Alberta, and people come and go all the time.
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