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Here's what I have. Some of the extended editions are fan made edits.

976-Evil Extended - VHS rip
Alien virtual workprint 2hrs 19min
Alien 3 workprint
Apocalypse Now workprint
Army of Darkness composite 1hr 41min
Back to the Future Timeline Edition 5hrs 29min
Beetlejuice Extended Cut
Beavis & Butt-head -UNCUT episodes w/ music videos
Blood Beach Uncut
Blue Velvet Extended Cut 2hrs 43min
The 'Burbs workprint
Child's Play 2 TV Cut
Child's Play 3 TV Cut
Cliffhanger workprint
Cobra TV Cut
Cobra, Die City composite 1hr 34min
Creepshow Behind the Scenes 1hr 54min
Creepshow workprint
Crocodile Dundee Extended Cut 1hr 44min
The Crow Extended Cut 1hr 44min
The Crow workprint (A) 2hrs 01min
The Crow Behind the Scenes (Skull Cowboy)
Dawn of the Dead Extended Mall Hours 2hrs 34min
Dawn of the Dead Mall and Airport Tours 1hr 14 min
The Day After workprint 2hrs 52min.
Day of the Dead Behind the Scenes 4hrs 44min
Dead Badge VHS Screener
Dead Beat volumes 1 and 2 -horror video magazine
Death Wish 2 UNCUT Greek version
Death Wish 5 Screener
Deranged UNCUT w/ documentary
Die Hard 2 workprint
Doctor Who -reconstructed telesnap episodes from Hartnell and Troughton era
Empire Strikes Back Theatrical Cut - VHS rip
Escape from New York Extended Cut
Evil Dead 2 composite
Evil Dead 2 partial workprint 30 min
Excessive Force VHS Screener
Fangoria magazine - PDFs
First Blood Extended Cut
Freddy's Dead TV Cut
Friday the 13th The Final Chapter composite 1hr 36 min
Friday the 13th Part V A New Beginning - Version 2
Friday the 13th Part VI Jason Lives composite
Ghostkeeper - Alternate opening
The Godfather Extended Cut 3hrs 22min
The Godfather Part II Extended Cut 3hrs 48min
Gorezone magazine - PDFs
Halloween 1978 Extended Cut 1hr 41min
Halloween II Ultimate Cut 1hr. 50min
Halloween II Fan edit 1hr 43min
Halloween 5 Resurrected
Halloween 6 Producer's Cut
Halloween H20 workprint
Halloween Box Set Special Features
Hard Target workprint (A)
The Hateful Eight Extended Cut 3hrs 06min
Hellbound: Hellraiser II - R-Rated VHS Cut
Hellraiser IV workprint
Home Alone Extended Cut
The House That Screamed UNCUT
Instinct VHS Screener
Jason Goes to Hell TV Cut
Jason Goes to Hell composite
Jeffrey Dahmer Trial Footage (6 hrs)
The Keep composite w/ alternate ending 1hr 40min
Leatherface The Texas Chainsaw Massacre III workprint
Lethal Weapon The Ragged Edge
Mobsters Extended Cut
The Monster Squad Extended Cut 1hr 28min
Night of Anubis (Night of the Living Dead) workprint
A Nightmare on Elm Street 3 Behind the Scenes 1hr 13min
Nightmares of Dario Argento (In Italian w/ English subtitles)
Pet Semetary Two workprint
Phantasm II workprint
Phantasm II Behind the Scenes
Phantasm III UNCUT
Police Academy 3 TV Cut
Predator -faux TV Cut 1hr 38min
Prince of Darkness - composite w/ extended TV opening
Private Parts workprint
Prom Night Extended Cut
Promotional VHS tape used in video stores (circa 1992)
The Punisher composite 1hr. 46min.
The Punisher UNCUT w/ Japanese subtitles
Rambo III Extended Cut
Rambo 4 Extended Cut
Red Dawn workprint composite
Return of the Jedi Thetatrical Cut - VHS rip
Return of the Living Dead composite (poor quality)
Return of the Living Dead workprint
Rituals UNCUT
Robocop 2 workprint
Scarface TV Version (History channel)
Seven Extended Edition
The Shark Is Still Working 2hrs 23min
Spinal Tap workprint 4 1/2 hrs
Split Second UNCUT w/ Japanese subtitles (poor quality)
Star Trek The Motion Picture Special Longer Version - VHS rip
Star Wars Theatrical Cut - VHS rip
Storm of the Centuary VHS Screener
Superman The Movie Restored International Cut 3hrs 08min
Superman II ABC TV Cut 2hrs 23min
Superman II Restored International Cut 2hrs 26min
Superman III Extended TV Cut 2hrs 22min
The Terminator Extended Cut
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 workprint
The Thing TV Cut
Tombstone Director's Cut
Unsolved Mysteries Amazon episodes
Unsolved Mysteries Original Broadcast recordings (about 150 total)
Various true crime documentaries
Videodrome composite 1hr 43 min
The Warriors UNCUT composite
Werewolf - TV Series
The X-Files "Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose" VHS Screener
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