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Let's see:

1) Other than the speculation on this site and a few other forums, there's never been any evidence linking Dale Wayne Eaton to Amy Bechtel's disappearance. While I don't care a great deal for Eaton, he really only needs to charged and convicted of crimes he actually committed.

I would suggest that people and LE be a lot more leery of linking different crimes together w/o any actual proof. The Henry Lee Lucas fiasco should be seen as an example of why doing that is a very poor idea.

2) Steve Bechtel seems to be a self-centered jerk (and possibly a wife beater) but there's scant evidence that he committed the crime. His decision not to take a polygraph was a wise one, as polygraphs are not admissible in court, they are not useful to clear yourself if you aren't guilty and they just plain don't work.

3) In the time period since her disappearance has any actual evidence presented that Amy Bechtel is deceased? While it would have been very difficult to accomplish, perhaps Ms. Bechtel tired of her life and her relationship and decided to start again somewhere else.

While people always use the old "why hasn't she contacted her family?" saw, there are thousands of cases of people leaving to start a new life and never contacting their families again. Not saying that is what happened in this case, but that's always a possibility.

4) Where there hunters/target shooters in the area where Ms. Bechtel went missing? An accidental shooting followed by a hasty burial could explain the lack of forensic evidence in this case.

5) This case (and several others) is one of the reasons that I tell people (men and women) that going off into a remote area by yourself is a poor idea. Even if you aren't abducted or molested (something that's unlikely to happen), there's a good chance that you can easily become lost,injured and/or disoriented. There's also the potential for an animal attack (snakes being a major culprit)

If you don't have a detailed survival plan,haven't told anybody of your plans, aren't armed and have no means of communication w/ the outside world, IMHO, you really have no business out in the woods. Even if you are skilled outdoorsperson, you may still become lost, injured and you may end up putting searchers in danger by having to come looking for you because you decided to do what you wanted to.
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