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Default Enough

Okay enough enough.

First off-

The joke thread isn't stickied anymore.

SO Brian, I don't know what your talking about that its stickied and Harvey can post them-

Here is the front page link of Traders Forum

So First off, he can't put them, in a thread that isn't there.

Unless I am blind. Which I might be missing it, if its stickied on the traders forum, please let me know I missed it.

Yes the decision was made.
It was always up to TJ- and he has spoken, done deal.
If anyone wants to ask for the jokes to be put back here, they need to write him-
Not have a debate on the forum about this-

Some people liked them, some didn't.
Some liked them, but wanted them elsewhere-
Some thought they were stale-

Welcome to population undecided- as usual no one agrees 100 percent.
And the majority of this yet again was due to lack of compromise.

When TJ first commented, his first suggestion was for members to read them in the chit chat section, and several people spoke up and said NO, they wouldn't not go there.
They refused to scroll down to chit chat and read them elsewhere.
So if people enjoyed the jokes so much, why not be willing to compromise on where they were located in the first place.

It was due to the lack of that compromise I agreed to put them all into a link, an archive- and I have no problem doing that, however Tj has stated he doesn't wish them to be put each day, and to trouble me to gather then and put them into the grouping.

Harvey doesn't want to put them in one archive, that is his choice not to compromise.

Now, my suggestion is this-
Two choices-
To request TJ put the original archive thread, sticked here, and Harvey, or if anyone wanted to, add a joke to the archive thread they can. And just read from newest to oldest and enjoy yourself.
OR, in Chit Chat section, and post them there same deal.

There is no reason for it to be stickied here, if it isn't being used or read.
SO someone would have to speak up and someone would have to compromise for either to be worth the time.

Its Tj's site- he has made his decision, and stated they can be put elsewhere.
But if someone doesn't want to post in that section
and others don't want to go to that section to read it, you guys are going to have to take a loss.

That's all there is to it.

I am sorry everyone can't be pleased. But in life, we don't always get what we want- where we want it, when we want it.

So it isn't that you can't enjoy the jokes.
It is just it isn't allowable the way it WAS.
If no one wants to compromise to a change, so be it.

And one last thing, Brian I try to respect you as a moderator, and if yo uwant to point out, CONSTANTLY this forum is full of drama, fine- but how about pointing it out just once when you aren't part of it?
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