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Originally Posted by Brian Damage
TJ made a decision regarding the multiple joke threads, and for a member to make a thread about that decision isn't right at all.
BRIAN--i wont keep commenting on this as i do not want to get sucked into the road you are on with this. BUT i was NOT questioning TJ at all --- perhaps you THOUGHT i was, but CLEARLY i was NOT, so please do not put words in my mouth. I said SIMPLY, that I missed the jokes--- which I do-- IN FACT I was HOPING that LILHAVE would continue to Post NEW JOKES (well at least some more Old ones!) on the big thread

and i started this thread to show him that the jokes have an interest out there! I never commented on TJ and i never said that lilhave was BANNED from posting them, i ONLY said that I missed the jokes. You are misreading this or misinterpreting what I and others said. NO disrespect, NO rule breaking, NO ugliness and NO reason to get all worked up over this one

AND FOR THE RECORD-- I hope that lilhave reconsiders and starts to post them again on the BIGGGGG thread after the weekend
I am sure that you honestly misread it, but I was trying to make a cute little thread, hoping harvey would come back to the jokes, under the terms the owner put forth, please lets not make this into something that it CLEARLY is not.
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