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Originally Posted by Agent 13
I have been trading with savageamusement515 for over a year, and she and I have developed a friendship to where we have lent each other our masters without a blink of an eye.

Over the last months, savageamusement515 has shared with me some of her frustrations with her trade gone awry with mele503. Though I have not traded with mele503, I do feel like a fair enough judge in this matter since I know quite a few of the inside details.

I have made plenty of mistakes both in the trading world and in my personal life. Perhaps it's my age, coupled with having had forgiving traders, but I think that mele503 needs to forgive savageamusement515 and move on. savageamusement515 accidentally recorded on a master tape, and it seems to me that her mistake has been rubbed in her nose long enough.

JEN, you know me well enough that i dont pass around praise unless it is really warranted,

i have traded with mel for a while and all is just fine with her, i give her an earned good rate

i didnt have the honor of working with savage as of yet, so i really dont know them at all, but if you say they are good, its fine enough for me

even good traders have a problem at times, this is such a minor thing to get all in a frenzy about, no lives are at stake here

its a couple blanks and a few bucks postage, yes its a matter of principal, and both parties feel they are correct and the other is a dope.

wars have started over principals

hey both youall, how about just pass it off, and put your energies toward another move, no one is out more than about $7 total

after a while even of your 100% correct, you name shows up on these disputes and folks are going to associate you as a problem person

hey mel, lets work on a gunsmoke trade and you put this one behnd you
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